NYC Make up Salon "Rouge New York"
Kat Hollander | Nov 3, 2014
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Stephanie March played the infamous Assistant District Attorney Alexandra Cabot on Law & Order. Stephanie and Rebecca Perkins founded a Makeup Salon called Rouge New York. A full service Makeup Salon that caters to woman of all ages and it's located in one of my favorite neighborhoods Soho.

Rouge New York is beautiful and they even do House Calls. I'm officially obsessed!

For more information visit : Rouge New York

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Learn About Rouge New York

A salon offering makeup application (and some waxing). Guests can take and choose from a menu of looks such as the "You ... Only Better," "Bold Choice" (choosing one particular feature to accent), and the "Total Polish" (a more glamorous nighttime option).

Getting your makeup done shouldn't be an investment or even just for weddings.
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Discover New York's First Makeup Salon

Getting your makeup done shouldn’t be an investment or even just for weddings. At Rouge New York, a flawless makeup application in a relaxed salon setting is for any time you want to feel like the most beautiful woman in the room.

For any woman who has wished she had a professional makeup artist at her service, Rouge New York is for you.
Rouge NY Menu & Packages

From individual lashes, eyebrow waxing, to a complete makeover select the services you need. Purchase a series of services to keep you looking your best.

Select from a number of beauty options from you...only better to waxing