"Instagram " The New Matchmaker?
Kat Hollander | Jan 14, 2015
Title: Editor
Topic category: What's Happening Now!

Instagram is everyone's favorite new way of photo sharing across the board. It has reached new levels and is now playing Cupid for its users. Over the past few years, it’s become more and more evident that online dating is a trend we can’t shy away from; recently, I read about a couple that met on Instagram and are now married.

Not too long ago we were meeting people, dating and developing relationships in person. How did the way in which we meet people change so drastically? When did we go from hand-holding and movies to Likes and Tinder messages on our iPhones? Do you feel technology has a huge impact on how we date and interact with people today? We all know that Tinder is huge but do you know how huge it is? According to Wikipedia, users swipe through 1.2 BILLION Tinder profiles and make more that 15 million matches each DAY! In NYC, one photographer chronicled her Tinder dating adventures as "Tinderella". Here is an interview with her: http://www.featureshoot.com/2014/09/tinderella-the-story-of-one-nyc-photographer-and-her-many-tinder-dates/

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