Anna Wintour at 65!
Kat Hollander | Nov 7, 2014
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Anna Wintour celebrated her 65th birthday earlier this week. She is a fashion legend and that well known Editor in charge that is known around the world. Here are many reasons to celebrate Anna Wintour 's 65th birthday.

1. Her haircut is just as famous as her magazine and has kept the same haircut for nearly 25 years and still remains edgy and trendsetting..

2. Her famous icy personality garnered a bestseller and inspired the only movie we never grow tired of watching “The Devil Wears Prada”.

3.She has an authentic British accent.

4. She has helped major designers as well as young emerging fashion designers launch their careers.

5. Her influence have made millions of people appreciate fashion and understand the depth of the industry.

6. She was named the 39th most powerful woman in 2014 by Forbes.

Happy Birthday Anna Wintour.

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